Zhuhai, a coastal city in the province of Guangdong province, is the most relaxed city in China. The Chinese government has gone so far as to even proclaim that it’s the best city in China to live. The beautiful environment and relatively congestion-free streets help you feel calm and enjoy life. Talk about the perfect place to teach English!


Although Zhuhai is a smaller city with less than two million people, it is a tourist town so things cost about the same as they do in the provincial capital, Guangzhou. Here are some fun places to visit whether you move there to teach English with a Top Notch ESL school or simply go to visit:


  1. Lover’s Road

This road is also known as the Great Wall of Zhuhai. As it weaves along the seaside for 28km, it’s the perfect place to have a long walk or bike ride with someone you love. The wind from the ocean and the lovely scenery and flowers make it an enjoyable outing every time. About halfway down the road, you’ll find the grand Fisher Girl statue, which is a well-known symbol of Zhuhai. In the same area, you’ll also find the only island in China that has an opera house and the longest ocean bridge in the world, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. This bridge was under construction for almost a decade and has just recently opened. It connects three very prosperous port cities in the south of China.

  1. Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

This ocean kingdom is located in Hengqin new district. It is a huge theme park, and aims to be somewhat similar to Disney World in the USA. The park has everything: luxury hotels, a business convention and exhibition center, shopping, amusement rides, animal exhibits, sports and leisure activities, etc. You can see many rare marine animals there and spend spend several days being entertained.

  1. Shanfang Road

Shanfang is a historic road near the Zhuhai universities zone. Many artists live there and display their art. It’s a relatively quiet road to enjoy a cup of coffee, eat good food, or enjoy some art.

  1. Lingding Island

Almost all coastal cities have nearby islands and there are many islands near Zhuhai. The most beautiful of them all is Lingding Island. It located near Hong Kong and is about 28 miles from Zhuhai. It has the softest and finest sand, the bluest ocean, and the clearest water. The island is always the perfect temperature and isn’t too cold in winter nor too hot in summer. You can go hiking, biking, diving or boating while you’re there, but make sure to book your hotel early as this island is a happening place on the weekends and there is limited lodging.

  1. New Summer Palace

This “palace”, which is more like a giant park, gives you a great view of downtown Zhuhai. If you can’t make it up north to the infamous Beijing Summer Palace, the Zhuhai new Summer Palace is a great alternative. It was finished in 1997, and there are 18 sections, which were identically replicated from the Beijing Summer Palace. Enjoy walking among the beautiful pavilions, ancient-looking buildings in Qing Dynasty architectural style, and enjoy a dance performance or two.

  1. Yu Hot Spring Resort

This resort was built in 1998, and was the first outdoor Japanese-style, four-star hot spring in China. Rumor has it that this hot spring was discovered by an emperor some 700 years ago. The resort name “Yu” means imperial and they aim to treat every customer like a emperor. It’s the perfect place to spend the weekend with your significant other or a group of friends.