Shenzhen is a modern, sunny city in the south of China that enjoys warm weather all year round. After you visit these top five places, you will be able to discover the beauty and charm of Shenzhen for yourself.

  1. Shenzhen Happy Valley    

One could spend the whole day at this amusement park with its 350,000 square meters of pure fun. Best of all, it’s one of the few tourist locations in Guangdong province rated 5A by the Chinese government for safety, cleanliness, sanitation and transportation. Shenzhen’s Happy Valley is separated into nine areas by theme: Spanish Square, Cartoon City, Mt. Adventure, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Playa Maya Water Park and Happy Times. Basically, it’s a park with a little something for everyone to be happy about!

  1. Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town (OCT)

OCT is both amusement park (Knight Valley) and botanical garden (Tea Valley) in one and both locals and tourists visit the OCT quite often for good reason. There’s lots to do and see in every season. In spring, there are thousands of colorful, blooming flowers to enjoy. In the hot summer, bamboo valley and the water park will help to keep you cool. In fall, seeing the hills covered in lovely red maple makes OCT an enjoyable place for walking and hiking. And in winter, there’s nothing better than soaking in the hot springs of Interlaken Town.

OCT was built to help urbanites re-connect with nature. In the busy hustle and bustle of life in innovative Shenzhen, this is a wonderful place to take a break from city life and have fun outdoors. Between the thrills of Knight Valley, the peaceful serenity of Tea Valley, golfing and daily performances, OCT will keep you busy all year round.

  1. Da Mei Sha Coastal Park

This park is very close to OCT and is free to visit. If you look at the park from above, it is surrounded on three sides by mountains, and faces the open sea on the fourth side. The 1,800 meter beach makes it the longest beach in Shenzhen. The sand here is especially fine and the water is clear and clean making it a hot spot in summer. Sometimes the beach even looks black from a distance because there are so many people enjoying the beach.

  1. Diwang Building (Shun Hing Square)

This building is the skinniest skyscraper in the world and at 384 meters it is one of the top 10 tallest buildings in China. It sits upon some of Shenzhen’s best real estate and the top floor is a public observatory where you can see some great views of the entire city of Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong.  Diwang is like a whole city in one building with apartments, office space, shopping, a swimming pool and a steady influx of tourists and locals alike.

  1. Guanlan BanHua Printing Village

Almost every modern city in China has its “old town” and Shenzhen is no different. Banhua village, is a classic old village where Hakka people used to live. Whenever ancient Chinese people chose a place to build a village, it had to have mountains and water around it, and Banhua village is no different. All of the houses are in perfect alignment and there are many waterways, old wells, ancestral temples, and watchtowers that give a glimpse into the ancient Hakka lifestyle. This village is now full of modern print workshops so you can enjoy the ancient village buildings and take home some beautiful print souvenirs as well.

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