One of the best reasons to teach English in China is because you can work anywhere in the country! Besides Beijing and Shanghai, Top Notch ESL has positions available all around China including Guangzhou the capital of Guangdong province in the south of China. Here’s what to see when you visit there.

Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street 

Located in Liwan district, one of the ancient business centers of Guangzhou, this well-known pedestrian street is one kilometer long and overflowing with all kinds of shops. Perhaps it is most popular for all of the yummy food choices that can be found there. This street has a long history, and many famous old restaurants, such as Taotaoju 陶陶居, Nanxin 南信, and Baohua 宝华 still enjoy great popularity. You can’t miss this street if you are a foodie.

In addition to the great food, the clothes and other items sold here are much cheaper than most other places in Guangzhou. It’s also an interesting street to appreciate old western style buildings. However, don’t get too caught up in your architecture appreciation tour. Although no cars are allowed on the street, you’ll still need to be careful while you are walking due to the thousands of people milling around you. If you enjoy lively places, this is the best spot to visit in Guangzhou.

Sha Mian Island

This is a lovely place to go for a Sunday afternoon stroll and it’s full of wonderful history and culture from the Qing dynasty. Many people say this is the one place you must visit if you ever go to Guangzhou. As it is also located in Liwan district, you can stop by after visiting Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street.

Sha Mian was formerly a foreign settlement for both England and France, which is why there are Western-style churches, banks, and consulates located there. You’ll see many people taking photos of the beautiful old buildings and European environment.

Sha Mian is a great place to spend the whole afternoon and before you leave for dinner, stop by the Huangsha seafood market located nearby, where you can buy all different kinds of seafood at a low price. For a slow day in a quiet, clean, peaceful, relaxing environment, Sha Mian is the place for you.

Beijing Road

This other famous pedestrian street in Guangzhou doesn’t have as many crowds and the street looks a bit more modern than Shang Xia Jiu. As a result the items sold here are more expensive. The big shopping malls, Tianhe City Department Stores and Grand Buy Department Store, are also located on this street.

Most interesting of all, in the middle of the street, you can see the original ancient road that has been preserved under the glass. As you walk along this old road, you can feel the history of Guangzhou and read all about it.

The province of Guangdong is known for having diverse kinds of food and it’s not uncommon to find many cities around China that have a “Beijing Street”. You can pretty much guarantee that a street named after the capital of China, will have all the best food and shopping. The restaurants on this road are great, but for the most authentic local Guangzhou food, try some special Guangzhou street food sold by stall vendors. For both brand name shopping and great food, Beijing Road is your top choice.

Sacred Heart Cathedral

This cathedral is located on Yide Road, the center of downtown Guangzhou. It is the most popular and most elaborate Catholic cathedral in Guangzhou. Construction on the cathedral started in 1863, but it wasn’t finished until 25 years later in 1888.

It’s obvious from the picture how gorgeous and well-built it is. Even though over 130 years have past, it remains a solid, breathtaking place to visit. Large green trees and colorful flowers surround the cathedral and the huge stained glass windows are stunning. It is free to go inside, and even if you are not Catholic, it’s a great place to visit.

Chen Clan Academy Temple (Guci Liufang)

In Guangdong province, this temple is the biggest, best preserved, and most ornate Qing dynasty style ancestral hall. It also became one of Guangzhou’s eight sceneries. The temple combines all different kinds of south China artistic building styles so you can learn about several types of ancient architecture in one place.

Sha Wan Old Town

This town has 800 years history and is full of historic culture and folk art. As a result this town is know as the home of Chinese folk art. As there are many old buildings from Ming and Qing dynasties, the Chinese government has taken great efforts to protect the structure of the town.

There are a great deal of interesting sculptures that can be found in this town such as wood sculptures, stone sculptures, lime sculptures and frescos. This town also hosts various activities throughout the year and as with every town in China, there is lots of local food to enjoy that you won’t find anywhere else.