Teaching in China can be a rewarding experience for teachers of any age. China is a particularly interesting and fascinating place to live. That being said, there are challenges and life may not be as easy as it is at home; however, overall, China has a lot of great experiences to offer! Here are just a few reasons why you should teach English in China:

  1. There is huge demand for English teachers

There are over a billion people in China! Granted, not all of them want to learn English, but for the younger generation, learning English is mandatory. Currently, native English speakers are needed in cities all around China to teach English. However, as more and more Chinese people study abroad and become fluent in English themselves, this strong demand for foreign English teachers will diminish. Teach in English soon while demand is high.

  1. You will never be bored

Unless you’re originally from Asia, China will most likely knock your socks off. Almost everyday you will see something that will shock or surprise you. Not only that, there are endless things to do. If you’re an active person, you should be able to find plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to keep you fit. If you love nature, China’s landscapes range from lush green hills to blue oceans to snow-capped mountains to mesmerizing rice paddies. If you’re artsy or creative, there are shows and exhibits to see all around town in first tier cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou or Beijing.

  1. The food is amazing

If you’re a foodie, Chinese cuisine is extremely diverse and delicious. Good luck trying to eat at all the different restaurants in town! To become a true Chinese cuisine expert, you’ll want to get the real deal by traveling to each province and tasting the local specialties made with locally grown food.

  1. You’ll meet people from all over the world

China attracts foreigners from all corners of the earth whether they are there for fun, professional work, or to teach English. While you are teaching in China, you will most definitely run into all kinds of different people and make friends for life from around the globe!

  1. The cost of living is so low that you will be able to save money

When you first hear how much you’ll be paid to teach English in China, you may think it’s not a lot of money. Yet after you get over to China and realize that you aren’t spending half as much as you did back home, you suddenly realize that you can actually save up a good chunk of cash while you teach English and have fun in China at the same time. Teaching in China is a win-win.