All work experience can be useful. Yet it’s important to look at your personality and career objectives before you decide whether a local experience or an international teaching English experience will be best for you.

Reasons why a local teaching position may be better for you:

  1. You love your mother tongue and are you fascinated and in love with the intricacies of your native language
  2. You call or visit family members or friends you’ve known for many years multiple times per week
  3. You are relatively introverted and prefer relaxing at home after work or on the weekends
  4. You didn’t move a lot during your childhood
  5. You want tenure teaching status
  6. You want to work for a specific school or teach a specific topic that is only offered in your home country

Reasons why an international teaching position may be better for you:

  1. You love a challenge and aren’t afraid of taking risks or being embarrassed
  2. You are outgoing and get bored easily
  3. You enjoy learning new languages and don’t get flustered easily
  4. You moved often as a child and quickly adapted to your new surroundings
  5. You want to find a job that allows you the opportunity to travel
  6. You are open-minded and love meeting new people with backgrounds completely different from yours