You’ve always wanted to explore the world. Unfortunately, travel of any sort is rarely cheap. So how are you going to make it happen without putting yourself into (further) debt? Well, have you ever thought about teaching abroad in China? Hear us out for a moment. There are about 400 million Chinese learning English in 2018 and that number continues to increase. Not surprisingly, China represents the biggest job market in the world for teaching English. Maybe you’re thinking, “That sounds promising, but I don’t have a college degree yet.” We want to let you in on a little secret: plenty of young people just like you are teaching English in China without a degree. Let’s look at a few ways you can make it happen:

  1. Work visas – Keep in mind that work visa processing time in China takes about a month. Be prepared to work until it’s been approved. Once everything is squared away, it’s your responsibility to travel to the Chinese embassy to get your work visa and re-enter the country with it. It’s always a good idea to check with your school if they will pay for the trip. One more thing here: visa policies change quite often and vary between different regions in China.
  2. Business visas – This option is a bit tricky to understand. If you ever take a business trip to China, chances are that you’ll be offered a business visa. It’s important to know that a business visa is intended for those who are not being paid by a business or school in China. However, your school may deem you to be an expert and try employing you on a business visa.
  3. Student visas – Have you ever considered teaching abroad in China while getting a college education? Many students do this as a way to offset their tuition costs. The best part? Most schools are flexible with how much you work. So you can teach a handful of hours a week in between classes and still have time to explore China.

We Help You Teach English in China

Are you concerned that not having a college degree will keep you away from a once-in-a-lifetime China adventure? Top Notch ESL can help. After a brief Skype consultation, we determine what school makes the most sense for you. Of course, we also take your preferences into account. The next step involves us passing along your information to schools and setting up an interview. If a school decides to hire you, they will draw up a contract. Rest assured that we will walk you through the document in its entirety, answering any questions you may have. Once the contract is finalized, we send you to our visa department to assist with your application.

Are you concerned about acclimating to life in China? At Top Notch ESL, we strive to make your transition to a new place completely seamless. You can count on us to arrange temporary living accommodations, set up a bank account, and match you with the right phone plan.

Did we mention we don’t charge you any fees for our service? Let us help you find TEFL and ESL jobs in China.