You love traveling and exploring new places. Unfortunately, you haven’t been able to swing that first international trip quite yet. How can you make it happen? Well, the fact is that more Americans are using ESL teaching as their means to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Here are the five benefits of teaching English abroad:

  1. See the world while getting paid – Who says you have to save up a ton of money to take that dream trip? An ESL instructor earns a livable wage that allows them to cover all of their bills while also enjoying the culture and lifestyle of the country. A financially responsible English teacher in Asia typically makes enough to save 30 percent of their salary after expenses. That gives you plenty of flexibility to truly immerse yourself in a foreign culture.
  2. Make a positive impact on the lives of others – Even though you’ll have lots of time to yourself, ESL teaching certainly isn’t a vacation. Keep in mind that you will be providing students with an educational experience that enables them to succeed in the future. Whether you’re teaching English to preschoolers or seniors in high school, know that what you’re doing makes an impact.
  3. Gain the ability to adapt to a new environment – It’s easy to feel stuck in your customary way of doing things. When living abroad, you don’t really have a choice other than adapting to the country’s traditions, food, language, etc. It goes without saying that adaptability is imperative in today’s ever-changing society. The more comfortable you are in different situations, the better off you will be in the workplace and life in general.
  4. Build friendships around the world – The best friend you ever have could be halfway across the world. Maybe your future husband or wife is living abroad as well. You never know! Believe it or not, there are more than 250,000 native English speakers working in a different country as an ESL instructor. This is a great opportunity to meet some pretty incredible people.
  5. Create a lifetime of memories – Maybe you’re just out of college and don’t really feel like joining corporate America quite yet. It could be that you’re tired of a mundane office job and want something different for a while. In any case, becoming an ESL teacher opens doors. There’s never been a better time to learn how to teach ESL. Before you know it, you will be the world traveler you’ve always dreamed of becoming. We’d say that’s pretty cool if you ask us.  

How to Teach ESL Students in China

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