Begin Your China Adventure In Four Easy Steps

Get a Consultation

Contact us to schedule a Skype consultation. After we learn more about you, we can begin to brainstorm about where you will fit the best. During the call, be sure to let us know your desired preferences such as whether you prefer a big or small city, the age group you prefer to teach, etc. We will put your preferences above all else. Rest assured that we’re on your side and want to make sure you’re happy.

Interview With a School

After your consultation, we will pass your information to the best school for you and arrange an interview with you and the school via Skype. Don’t be nervous! Most schools ask standard interview questions as well as some teaching-oriented questions. If you’re teaching younger ages, they may have you sing a song or two, but you can ask us in advance so you’re prepared ahead of time. After your interview, the school will contact us and if they want to hire you, they will draw up a contract for you to read over.

Sign On The Dotted Line

Not a lawyer? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We will go over your contract with you to make sure any questions you have are answered. Only sign the contract when you are completely satisfied. After you completely understand all of the contract terms, sign and scan your new teaching contract. We will then send you over to our Visa Department to help you with your Chinese visa application.

Come to China

Once you have your signed contract, a Chinese visa, and a plane ticket, you’re ready to teach English in China. Not sure what to do once you get off the plane? Don’t worry, we will pick you up at the airport. We will also arrange temporary living accommodations until you find an apartment you like. We’ll also be there to make sure your daily needs are met, like setting up a China bank account, a phone plan, and anything else you may need. We are here to make sure you never feel alone during this life-changing process.