1. Going to a Hospital in China

    Unlike other developed countries, China doesn't really have small general practitioner clinics that you would visit for a minor illness or a physical checkup. While there are special clinics designated for physical checkups when you need to renew your visa, they aren't the kind of place you would go…Read More

  2. Budgeting for Expat Life in China

    China can be a great place to enjoy life because the cost of living is lower than western countries; however, before you come over you should know which expat group you will belong to get an idea of how much money you’ll need during your stay in China. Although most budgeting advice in the West is…Read More

  3. Top Lhasa Attractions

    Lhasa literally means “place of the gods” and is the holy capital of Tibet. It’s also called the City of Sunshine, and the Holy City. It is 3700 meters above sea level and is home to thousands of Buddhists. The religious and historical sites of Lhasa are breathtaking. The best time to visit Lh…Read More