1. China Packing Essentials

    Your China packing essentials should include a variety of things that may be unnecessarily expensive or impossible to find in the Middle Kingdom. If you are coming to China to teach English in the near future, you'll want to make sure you have the following: 1. Supplements and medicine Pack any…Read More

  2. Chinese Language In A Nutshell

    A common misconception about the Chinese language is that it is the same all over China and if you speak Mandarin, you can understand everyone in the country. The official Chinese language of China may indeed be Mandarin, but not only are there various Mandarin dialects, there are a host of other v…Read More

  3. The Best China Visa For You

    Anyone who wants to live in China or simply visit China, needs a visa to legally enter the country. Getting a piece of paper glued into your passport seems easy enough; however, as of late, China has been adding more and more visa types which makes figuring out which China visa you need not as eas…Read More